Essential Sex Habits EVERY 20-Something Girl Should Have!

sex habit

Sex! Girls in their early 20s feel shy talking about it, or learning about it. Being in your 20s, it is high time that you should not hesitate knowing about it in detail. You need to follow these effective sex habits in your 20s to rock your upcoming sex sessions.

1.Pee before and after sex

Sometimes, sex is a confusing game. You are not sure if you are about to hit the climax, or you just want to pee. To avoid such confusions and have more pleasure during intercourse, you should make it a healthy habit pee before and after sex. Have a short break of 10 minutes before steaming up things between you and your bae. And once you’ve reached climax, hit the washroom and pee again. That’s healthy!

2.Tell him what you need

You need to be a good communicator when it comes to telling him what you need in bed. He won’t dive in to your mind to know your pleasures. Whether you love it slow, or you want to have hardcore sex more often, you’ve got to share your expectations and thoughts with him.

3.Masturbate to explore

Yes, girls masturbate too! It is perfectly cool to touch yourself and explore your body parts before letting somebody else to do so. Do it weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or anytime you wish. You must analyze how long it takes to reach the climax, or which part gives you that tingling feel the most.

4.Never fake it

Sex involves two persons, and each of them wants to be satisfied in the end. If you have been faking orgasm just because you want to see him happy, you are doing it wrong. Empower yourself and ask him to instill more power in sex!

5. Moaning and shouting are big turn-on

Feel free to express how you feel. You feel like shouting, moaning, or crying when he is over you? Go for it. Guys find it sexy when you make noises during sex. So, there is nothing to be ashamed about it.

6.Have sex with lights on

Initially, we feel shy in exposing our naked bodies in light. We love to feel our bodies, that passion, that intimacy in dark. However, having sex with lights on is much fun. Grab some courage and flaunt your body proudly before him. He is not going to comment about your body. Rather, he will only appreciate for being who you are. So, stop over thinking and show your bolder self.

7.Stay Safe
You need to be safe from unwanted STDs, HIV and other sexual transmissions during sex. Make it clear to him that you won’t have sex until he gets his condom on. If he doesn’t agree over it, just leave the room straight away.

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