Kinky gadgets – Three toys for your bedroom

kinky toys

Sex toys designers and manufacturers have successfully adapted to the increasing demand of perverts around the globe. Beside specialized sex shops, these gadgets can now be ordered on the Internet, and even bought in some pharmacies. Today, these toys are not something to be ashamed of and some of them are even listed as luxury items. In the ever expanding market, these three toys have been standing out for some time.

Sqweel 2 – ugly looking, yet fantastic oral stimulation vibrator 

Let’s be honest: Sqweel 2 really looks like a modernized version of some medieval torture device and it certainly wouldn’t be our first choice, but apparently it’s a remarkable product that simulates oral sex better than any male tongue (damn you, you creepy machine!). Basically, Sqweel 2 has 10 small silicone tabs on the reel, which are centered for “licking” clitoris and surrounding area, giving you orgasm eventually. It has a three-speed mechanism and for some reason it can even rotate backwards. Of course, this device is fully waterproof, almost silent, small enough to fit in any bag and easy to clean.

Fleshlight – the best artificial vagina in the world

It’s not just women who found satisfaction with various sex toys, men have needs, too. Even the right hand gets tired sometimes, but if a man is not desperate enough to buy one of those terrible inflatable dolls, he doesn’t really have many other options. Fortunately, there’s Fleshlight, a toy that does everything the woman would do, but better! As the name implies, it looks like a flashligh, only there’s a large silicon vagina at the top. The whole gadget is 23 centimeters long, which is enough even for those who are considered gifted, and with a little lube and a vivid imagination, you’ll forget it’s just a sex toy. Fleshlight Australia (online store) comes in several different models, and there’s a possibility to design your own gadget. All of this will cost almost the same as dinner with the woman you’re trying to seduce. That’s something to think about, isn’t it?

Rock Off Hand Solo masturbator – your guide to automated pleasure

There comes a time when a man should simply take things in their own hands and do the job properly. If he wants to change the good old ritual masturbation, a man could try out Rock Off Hand Solo masturbator, which might not seem like overly favorable gadget for putting on your dick, but we like to believe people when they say this is a top quality product. It’s difficult to describe this vibrating masturbator, but we have to try, so we’d say it mostly resembles the catcher’s glove in baseball, only more high-tech. Hand Solo (an obvious hint at a particular hero of the original Star Wars trilogy) has seven speeds, a battery that lasts for hours and it’s completely water resistant. What more do you need, bachelor?

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5 Bra Hacks That Will Make Every Girl’s Life Easier!

bra hacks

We love shopping bras, but getting the right size every single time is a daunting task indeed. And sometimes we are not satisfied with what we’ve bought. Then, it is horribly impossible to ignore their existence in our lives too. Let’s have a look on easy bra hacks that make a girl’s life easier and calmer than before:

1.Use paper clip for turning your regular bra in a racer back bra

The general bra straps play hide-n-seek when you are wearing a sleeveless top. When this happens, girls get uncomfortable vibes all around. To avoid this annoying issue, you can use a paper clip to conceal your colorful bra straps. Let the whole focus be on your chic top, and not those odd-looking bra straps.

2.Wrap your bra in plastic ball before washing

Fine bras are carved out of delicate stuff. So, you have to pay some extra attention while washing it in machine. Wrap it up in a plastic ball to make sure that it stays intact and doesn’t lose its shape.

3.DIY low back bra

Low back dresses look chic and sexy. Before putting them on, you should ensure that any of your bra straps are not visible at all. You can find numerous bras online that are specially built for this purpose. In case, you are on a tight budget, why not craft that special bra on your own? Avail one elastic strip that is equivalent to the size of your rib cage. Now, buy a bra hook extender, chop and detach the hook from eyelets. Sew one on every side of elastic, ensuring it covers the whole of your torso, under your bra. Finally, your bra strap has been brought down around 2 inches, and you are all set to flaunt your sexy back with the dress.

4.Stitch a worn-out bra in a backless dress

Are you having a bra with worn-out straps? Is it just occupying some space in your lingerie drawer? Then why not bring it to some effective use? Remove/chop the straps of your old bra and sew it in any of your favorite dresses (which require support). Guess what? You don’t require any special sewing skills for achieving this bra hack!

5.Silicone Bra Strap Pads for Relaxing your Shoulders
Some bra straps irritate your skin, especially shoulders like hell. Sometimes, you get a feeling that your blood circulation is getting affected due to skinny straps. If you encounter the similar problem, invest in silicone bra strap pads and place them beneath your bra straps. They will provide you a sense of comfort and ease within a few seconds.

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