7 Reasons She Doesn’t Like Oral Sex

oral sex

Many women see oral sex as a medium to increase intimacy with their partner. However, there are some women who literally stay away from the idea of going down on him. Either her morals or culture don’t allow her to do so, or her guy himself is the reason that she doesn’t enjoy oral sex much. Here are a few reasons that she is not at all interested in oral sex:

1. Her principles

Some girls may find it against their principles to get his man’s penis inside their mouth. As per her belief, bad women enjoy doing it, but civilized women don’t. And she will never want to fall in that category of ‘bad women’.

2. Hygiene issues

Some girls love going down, but they simply drop that idea after seeing gross pubic hair. That’s an unpleasant view indeed! And that filthy smell coming out of your hair is an instant turn off. If your girl has some hygiene issues while performing oral sex, you better shave or trim your hair down there.

3. He treats her like an object

Sometimes, men are so much influenced by porn characters that they try following them during oral sex. It is not appreciable if you are holding and pushing her head aggressively. She feels as if you are treating her like an object, and this is where she may feel disrespectful.

4. He doesn’t return the favors

Love is about give and take. If she is the one who is taking the lead every time for going down, she may gradually lose her interest. She wants you to return the favor too. The guys who are too lazy to give her oral sex should make it a religious habit to do so.

5. She finds it disgusting to swallow or taste his semen

Some girls find it disgusting to taste or swallow that distasteful semen. That’s a big deal! For them, there can be so many other erotic things to do in the whole universe (than just tasting or swallowing her guy’s semen).

6. He orgasms quite slowly

It is quite a task for a girl to continue oral sex for more than 5 minutes. It requires efforts and sincere dedication. *Wink* If he doesn’t orgasm within 1 or 2 minutes, she may feel tired, or sometimes demoralized too. She wonders if she is not doing it the right way.

7. Communication gap

For him, if swallowing semen is sensuous, that doesn’t mean the girl will have the mutual feeling. Sometimes, she may not be prepared to give oral sex, or she may not be in mood. It is a guy’s responsibility to know what she is comfortable in, when she can give him an exciting blow job, etc.



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Essential Sex Habits EVERY 20-Something Girl Should Have!

sex habit

Sex! Girls in their early 20s feel shy talking about it, or learning about it. Being in your 20s, it is high time that you should not hesitate knowing about it in detail. You need to follow these effective sex habits in your 20s to rock your upcoming sex sessions.

1.Pee before and after sex

Sometimes, sex is a confusing game. You are not sure if you are about to hit the climax, or you just want to pee. To avoid such confusions and have more pleasure during intercourse, you should make it a healthy habit pee before and after sex. Have a short break of 10 minutes before steaming up things between you and your bae. And once you’ve reached climax, hit the washroom and pee again. That’s healthy!

2.Tell him what you need

You need to be a good communicator when it comes to telling him what you need in bed. He won’t dive in to your mind to know your pleasures. Whether you love it slow, or you want to have hardcore sex more often, you’ve got to share your expectations and thoughts with him.

3.Masturbate to explore

Yes, girls masturbate too! It is perfectly cool to touch yourself and explore your body parts before letting somebody else to do so. Do it weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or anytime you wish. You must analyze how long it takes to reach the climax, or which part gives you that tingling feel the most.

4.Never fake it

Sex involves two persons, and each of them wants to be satisfied in the end. If you have been faking orgasm just because you want to see him happy, you are doing it wrong. Empower yourself and ask him to instill more power in sex!

5. Moaning and shouting are big turn-on

Feel free to express how you feel. You feel like shouting, moaning, or crying when he is over you? Go for it. Guys find it sexy when you make noises during sex. So, there is nothing to be ashamed about it.

6.Have sex with lights on

Initially, we feel shy in exposing our naked bodies in light. We love to feel our bodies, that passion, that intimacy in dark. However, having sex with lights on is much fun. Grab some courage and flaunt your body proudly before him. He is not going to comment about your body. Rather, he will only appreciate for being who you are. So, stop over thinking and show your bolder self.

7.Stay Safe
You need to be safe from unwanted STDs, HIV and other sexual transmissions during sex. Make it clear to him that you won’t have sex until he gets his condom on. If he doesn’t agree over it, just leave the room straight away.

How about some facts?



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‘Question Girls Ask Themselves During Their First Kiss?’

first kiss

First kiss is always special. Confusion, tension, anxiety, there are too many emotions that you go through before kissing your guy for the first time. As it is your first time, you don’t know how to be a pro in kissing. You find butterflies in your stomach before, during, and even after kissing. Ever wondered what a girl thinks during her first kiss? How does she feel when somebody touches her lips for the first time? Let’s find out:

1.Am I moving my lips too much?

Being it your first kissing session, you are not aware of the tempo much. While kissing him passionately, you may give it a thought if you are kissing him too slowly or too fast. “Am I moving my lips too much”? The pace of kissing doesn’t matter till the time you both are enjoying the moment.

2.Why he wants me to lick his tongue now?

It’s your first kiss, and you thought that it was just about lips. While kissing, he takes his tongue out, and wants you to kiss it and lick it. And you feel weird! “Am I supposed to lick it, or shall I embrace his tongue with mine?”

3.What if my nose becomes a barrier in between?

“It will be so awkward if my nose pokes in between kissing.” Most of the ladies have come across this thought while kissing their bae. When it is your first time, you can think of any possibility (even if it involves bumping your nose in to his).

4.Where should I place my hands?

“How should I use my tender hands now?” “Shall I place them on his butt, or wrap my arms over his neck?” Again too many thoughts start coming across your mind while kissing him.

5.Where did that sound come from?

If your guy is a noisy kisser, and loves to make lots of noise while kissing, you should get used to it as soon as possible. Not even guys, but girls also love moaning or making noise during kissing. So, if your bae loves doing it, why not learn the art of ‘making soft/loud noises’ and turn on things a little more.

6.What if I asked him about the next kiss?

Will I look more desperate if I ask him about our next kiss? Is it fine if I tell him that I want to kiss his luscious lips soon?

7.How will my best friend react after knowing this?
We cannot afford hiding anything from our best friend. And if you have not told him/her about it before, you will think how she’s going to react after knowing your first kiss’ story.



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