It is a category concerning the operation of the Internet in the adult industry. The Internet is a worldwide network that mutually connects computer terminals that do not have computers that supervise the whole in a decentralized manner. The feature uses a standardized communication protocol TCP / IP that does not depend on the model. Commercial diversion of ARPAnet which is research project of distributed computer network started by US Department of Defense Advanced Research Planning Agency (ARPA). In 1986, network NSFnet as an e-mail and NetNews mainly connecting the academic institutions was constructed with ARPAnet technology, but when the multimedia document system WWW (World Wide Web) with the hyperlink function comes out, It gradually spread to the private sector from the mid 1990s, and it is used for commercial use. It eventually became a worldwide information communication infrastructure.
Yoshimaru Satoshi is a search engine, adult video, uncensored, Ura, reverse video. Contents such as AV, DVD, DL, etc. are linked. In the item of adult ,, Free adult site image Picture site image Picture Kogyaru high school girl idol gravure cosplay back book amateur couple married wife milf foreigner blonde entertainer treasure AV AV actress AV actress director live direct link Others I am registering.
In customs there is also a so-called toasting system (work of water) to drink at a restaurant.
Although we understand that there are good shops in dating sites, there are things with incidentality inside, basically they are not registered.
Even though it is an adult, basically it does not register about gambling.
From the point of view of adults, parents’ sexes as seen from children, and how children think about their parent’s SEX, are also anxious about it, but please visit academic sites.
It is an adult search of registration review system to send to adult who can understand horny fun.
Sexual preference As an adult search engine “Yoshimaru Sachi” cheering on minority factions, we support not only short-circuited ideas of “eroticism is unconditional” but also various adults.
I believe that we must change the impression of adult = evil. Although I can not do it greatly, I aim for safety and security.